Thursday, July 16, 2009

I've Been Neglecting My Blog *SORRY*

I have 22 days til our wedding and I'm working my butt off planning it. running 2 fundraisers, raising 2 kids, cleaning 1 house, trying to keep my mind straight, and so many other things you don't wanna know.

wedding website
It's still crazy thinking about my wedding . I mean I've been planing my wedding for almost 10 years that Joe and I have been together. But to actually be doing it out loud and asking Joe questions about it. It just seems crazy. Dont get me wrong I am super excited. I just never imagine us as more than what we were and that was complicated lol.

So far we've(I say We've but most was done by me) picked a date August 7th. I have my 5 bridesmaids and he so far has 3 groomsmen. we have our 2 ring bearers (our boys) and a flower girl which is super excited to carry flowers. I started working on designing the invitations they just need some font tweaking. We've pick ceremony music and start on a music list for a dj. So now all we have to do is
find a place to get married
someone to marry us
2 more groomsmen
my dress
design programs
get a dj
get marriage licence
Finish guest list
among other things I can't think of right now

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Debbie said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! How awesome for you both!!! Can't wait for all of the details and pictures, of course!!!!

I'm so excited and happy for you both!!!