Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I'm Getting Married!!!

Wow. Let me just say that even today I'm still in shock. Never did I really think Joe would actually ask me to marry him. I mean I've dreamed about it, Prayed for it, ans Hopeed everyday for the last almost 10 years that he would. Did I think it would happen? No to be honest.

Ok lets start yesterday.

Joel came home and I cooked dinner. Nothing big but 1st time I've cooked in awahile. So after dinner Joe got me to come help hi with the dishes. Him washing and me drying. We joked like always. I told him I was gonna take pictures of him washing dishes to put on his myspace page to show the girls. We laughed I told him we better not they might get the wrong impression, and he'd get another like me that hates to clean. So he started cleaning the stove, and I was like wow a man that cleans stoves I gotta get a picture this will help you get a girl in no time. He turns to me towel in hand and holding my ring and says "and to just think I was gonna ask you to marry me" Dawn was shocked. He handed me my ring and says so what do ya say. Well YES!!!! I was still in complete shock he took me by the hand to the living room to sit down. and I think I asked him 2 or 3 thinks if he was sure and that he wasn't joking. He said he loves me and it's time. When ever I want However I want.

After calls to family Me and mama decided that today we are getting busy planning. and I'll be Mrs. Kaufman before the end of August. proli either the 1st or 2nd weekend in August. Something small and inexpensive but nice and something we'll remember.


Lacey said...

Aahh, congratulations, how cute. I'm so excited for you.

Lily said...

What a fun story to remember of how you were asked to get married. A big happily ever after to you!

Anonymous said...

What a really cute story !
congratulations !