Thursday, July 2, 2009

Eian $11 Hair Cut That Sucked

I had to go to Walmart today and get some stuff like a new printer (mine died) anyways while there I decide (against my better judgement) to get Eian's hair cut he was looking like a girl. So I told the woman I wanted his hair trimed up and wanted him to look like a boy. He wouldn't be still and she really didn't try to get him to be. Well the $11 hair cut sucked. I ended up taking him home and cutting it myself while he slept. She hair cut looked like a bowl cut in front and a mullet in the back.


After she cut it

After I cut it.


ABandCsMom said...

Oh yours is much better of a cut. Doesn't that just irk you when you pay for a terrible haircut?! Does me! Now you know you can do it your self!!

Lily said...

Oh I hate bad haircuts! I'm glad I can let Lily's grow :-) We should have communicated better about fundraising, but since we can't read minds and didn't know of each other before our fundraisers for Jaxson he will just have to be double blessed! I think it is so valuable to have good friends looking out for one another!
Love your blog - it's darling!

datri said...

I took Laurie for a mall haircut on impulse. Bad idea. I usually just cut Kayla's hair myself since I know she won't stay still so it will look bad no matter who cuts it!

You did a nice repair job on Eian's hair!