Thursday, July 2, 2009

So So Tired & Down In The Dumps

I dont really have a reason why I've been down the last few days it started Tuesday and has came up yet. I know I'm stressed from the kids, Life, bills, but thats nomarl around here. I'm on my meds and they are working I just feel down.

Anyways I'm so tired. Eian never sleeps late no matter what time he goes to bed. I'll post a better post later, PROMISE!


Lacey said...

You are like me. You try to help everyone else and forget about yourself.
Try melatonin for Eian. Its all natural and it works wonders for sleep.

Dawn said...

Thanks Lacey

Pam said...

Gah. I so know how you feel. I have been down too. I was out of my meds for about a week, and I got them yesterday. Today I feel so much better. It's amazing how much meds help.

Hope things look up for you. I lubs you. :D