Friday, July 3, 2009

1st Photo Shoot In A Long Time

So yesterday I did a photo shoot for my best friend Ashleigh. We've been best friends since kindergarten. She's like my sister and she's also Eian's Godmother. This was a privet shoot so these are the only 2 I can share lol. as my blog is family friendly. Even though I was out in the hot sun for about 2 and a half hours. I really enjoyed it and got 100 pictures for her. She loved them. So I just finished editing and printing for her and I ended up printing 35 of the best ones for her to give to her man this weekend. D hope you like!!! Anyways I had forgotten how much I loved taking pictures. I think I'm gonna line up a few more shoots this summer. Here are the 2 pictures I can share. Isn't she BEAUTIFUL!! I love these.


Lily said...

Wow! Beautiful!

Dawn said...

Thanks her boy friend loved them too.