Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Today Today Whats Todo Today?

Well I out handing out flyers to the schools about our Torch Run. So far I only made it to two before i ran outta premission forms :( and one of those schools I have to go back to the teacher was out. I'm waiting on Amy to bring me some copies and then back out i go. I atleast wanna get 4 done today.

I also gotta go order Alex's Cake and pray it's not too late for them todo it. If it is then off to get the stuff to do it myself.

Yesterday Alex had Diarrhea real bad it made his butt so raw it had spots that were bleeding a little and everything i had at home wasnt helping so my mom called the pharmacist and they told us what to get for him he's better today and his butt is still red but no where near yesterday. Now Eian has a touch of diarrhea. the fun never stops my poor babies.

Then I gotta get home tonight and do laundry and dishes just in case we have to have Alex's party here Sat.

Well I'm off too much stuff todo today I'll post more later

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