Thursday, April 17, 2008


Yesterday Eian had his 1st eye dr appt. he did good. She said he's farsighted but doesnt need glasses right now. she's seending him for a MRI cuz she said his nerves looked a little grey and also cuz she couldnt figure out a reason for his Nystagmas. But all his well

Also me and Eian went to Team Aruba's Open House. It was fun I wish we had, had time to get Team EIan stuff together for it but we didnt. Amy did print out a sheets that had Team Eian's website on it so we did get a little exposer. i have just been so busy these last 2 weeks it's not funny. So I got to finally meet Chandler, Kyle, and Lilly yesterday day while we where there. They are all so cute.

Ok so Alex just got outta the bath and he's sitting on my bed watching tv. he was yelling for me so i went in and he had his crackers sitting in front of him and he looked at me and said "You feed me my hands are clean your hands are dirty. I can't get my hands dirty" lol. crazy kid.

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