Monday, April 14, 2008

And So It Begins

Another long busy week. and once again it started before 7am. Ok Eian you gotta start letting me sleep til at least 8 come on I'll buy you a new car if you do. LOL. Alex was in full mr. destructo. mode last night. wow I gotta get him used to being around other kids. Especially if we do go with putting him in the 3k program at the christian school. He needs to get outta the house. and I need a break from time to time. I had plans to put him in soccer and tball this year but we missed sign up age by a month. :( I'm thinking about either Dance or Karate. We have both of those in union and they are beside each other. It's hard he is a boy and he's loves to fight I'm just scared he'll hurt somebody :( and then I'm worried about him getting teased if I put him in dancing but he loves music and dancing. I guess I shouldn't worry about all that he'll only be 3 on sat.

3 on sat wow seems like yesterday he was the same size as Eian. It's crazy time flies and they grow up so fast.

Well gotta get off here Eian has EI in just a hr and I gotta get dressed.

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