Saturday, April 12, 2008


silence is something that isn't common in this house with 2 little ones and video game playing hunny. but wow it's sitting here infront of the computer and the only thing i hear is the soft music of Eian's swing. He's out cold for the moment. and Alex is staying with my mama tonight, and Joel he's in the shower he just got home from work. I'm washing the bed sheets now so I'll have a nice clean bed to sleep in tonight without my sticky messy little boy taking up most of the space. I have to say I'm lucky my mama gets Alex once every weekend sometimes she takes both. but she's on call this weekend so she can't(she's a nurse). It's a nice break after our long week and next week will be the same. man I'm so tired of feeling like this. I really have to call the dr and suck it up and pay to see her. I gotta get my meds fixed. they just aren't working like they did. I think it's time to change antidepressants again. I'm on the highest dose now and it's still not making a difference.

Oh well off to enjoy the quite!!!!!!

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