Sunday, December 4, 2011

Christmas Is Coming

Yes my friends it's that time of year again. CHRISTMAS!!!!!!

I'm not sure why I've been having such a hard time over the last year or so keeping up with this blog. I used to do so good. Dunno what it is....I mean sure the 3 boys keep me busy and all but I find time to Facebook...Sure I've had to stop writing twice since I started this post, once to save my 1 year old that got stuck in the kitchen cabinet and again to pour the sleepy 4 year old some milk. The boys have been awake since before 6:30am and are in need of naps or maybe its mama that needs a nap. Anyways......The kids are doing good. We've been in NY for almost a year now.

Alex is doing great in school. His teacher just loves him. He needs to work on not yelling out the answers and letting others have a chance but his teacher said he's always right lol. He's learning to read and doing good at it. He says he loves math and he learned to tie his shoes (thanks to Mr Paul making him sit and practice till he learned). He told me he wants to spend his summer in SC again this coming summer. I told him I'd have to see what I could do. He's made 2 good friends up here and they take turns spending nights with each other on the weekends and let me tell you have 5 boys in the house is fun lol.

Eian is learning so much in school. His communication has improved so much. He still has a lot to work on, but he's finally putting 3-4 words together to make a sentence. Even if it is "dada woo phone" he still got his point across telling on Will for playing with daddy's phone. I wish communication was as easy for him as it is for his brothers. We are trying to find away to get him an Ipad to use to help with it, but that will be after tax time before we can make it happen. I'm working on making him a picture wall to help at home. His behaviors are about the same, still hitting, biting and throwing things when he gets made which is very often. He finally got a one on one aide at school, hopefully that will cut down on those behaviors at school. After the new year I'm gonna work on getting him so respite care from the Army (he qualifies) so that I can get a small break. We are still no were near potty training but he's gotten to the point where only diaper he doesn't wet threw are the over night ones.

Will is so much like Alex and Eian it ain't funny. He talks nonstop and is a mean little thing. He has started talking back. He loves to dance and play with his brothers. He thinks he's just as big as they are. He's still a little peanut at under 24lbs and still in size 3 diapers. He loves to help mommy around the house. This year is gonna be a fun Christmas for him now that he's older. I need to take him back to the dr he's got one more shot he needs to get.

Oh did I tell you I've had to stop 3 more times since the last time. Dirty diaper, pour Alex a drink and get little kids outta my bedroom where daddy is sleeping. We are going home for Christmas, we leave in 13 days. I can't wait I miss the South and my family and friends. I miss my Shuggy dog too. I'm almost finished wrapping gifts. I got a few more bows to make before I leave for Christmas and clean the house. I asked Joel last month what he wanted for Christmas and he told me there wasn't anything he wanted so we decided to have a real date night while we are home. Just me and him, no worrying about kids, sitters, or anything. So family is gonna watch the kids and we are gonna have some much needed us time as our Christmas gifts to each other. I can't wait.  Well I guess I better finish up the tiny kid got quite and no telling what he's into.

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