Saturday, November 19, 2011

Getting Ready For Christmas

This year we will be going back home to SC for Christmas. Our tree and most of our decorations are back there. So I bought a used 4ft pre-lit tree and found a box of our ornaments that got sent up with our stuff in Feb when the Army brought it up. We set the tree up on our desk in the livingroom.
The boys are counting down till time for us to head home. I have most of the gifts bought and waiting to be wrapped. I picked out the boys own special wrapping paper. Every year they each get their own paper so we dont have to worry about reading names on gifts Christmas morning this year Will has Mickey Mouse, Eian has Scooby Doo and Alex has Spongebob.

We are going to have pictures made tomorrow and I'll get started on our Christmas Cards soon as we get them back.

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