Sunday, January 9, 2011

Moving Pt 2

Mess, boxes, tape, bags, trash, junk & anything else that you can imagine. Have I said how much I hate moving. Well not so much the moving, I hate the packing. I took the past two days off and it was nice, but I gotta get my behind back to work today.

So as of right now we still don't know where we gonna live. Most likely the Inn for at least a few days til we can find a place to rent for a month or two. Then we should be on base, we are just waiting on a 3 bedroom house to come open.

We are planning to leave this weekend coming. hopefully by Monday we will have a defiant plan.

On to other news. The blog will be getting a major reinventing once we get set up. Watch for Feb I'm planning a Valentine's Special of giveaways & reviews

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