Thursday, December 30, 2010

Moving Pt 1

OK so we are moving in just a few short weeks. We are following Joel to Ft. Drum NY. He's been there since Dec 11. It's been hard being away from him again, but I wanted to make sure the boys enjoyed their last Christmas in this house. Boy did they, we got way more stuff than they need. We had a great Christmas. Christmas morning after they open gifts at home they got to Skype with Daddy and it made their day, Mommy's too.

My house is a disaster and now the fun part of organizing and packing. Should be super fun with 3 small kids. Then we move to the next fun part. The almost 900 mile drive with the kids. Oh Boy, can ya tell I'm excited. Note to self pack lots of car activities and melatonin. 

But really I'm looking forward to this I've never lived anywhere other than Union SC except when we lived in Buffalo SC but that's still in Union County lol. I've only been to a handful of states, SC, NC, KY, GA, & TN. Most of those where just passing through. I'm really excited about starting this new chapter in our lives. The boys are excited, OK well Alex is really the only one that understands we are moving and I don't think at 5 he gets the full concept but he's looking forward to building a snowman and making new friends. 

So over the next few weeks my blog will chronicle our move to a new state and the start of our new life. Hope it doesn't bore you too bad.

Now for a few pictures from Christmas


ape2016 said...

I am so excited for your move! I am from upstate NY and I know the Ft Drum area (I am an Army brat, former Air Force and currently live in KY). It is beautiful, particularly summer and autumn. There are many things to do and you all are so close to Canada and Vermont. You have to check out all the great Revolutionary War sites and museums, like Ft Ticonderoga. I also highly recommend the state fair, even though I am not much of a fair person, this has been my favorite by far. Coming from S. Carolina in the dead of winter will be an adjustment, but try to roll with it. The snow is beautiful and in the north, life goes on in winter. Just bundle up and get out there! Good Luck and Happy New Year!

Dawn said...

Thank you. I'm planning to fit as many fun things as I can for the boys. I wanna make these Army years for them good ones with lots of memories.