Friday, August 6, 2010

Friday Fantastic Fun 8/6

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New Friend Fridays

1. Are you a neat sleeper or a messy sleeper?

Messy sleeper I share a queen size bed with all 3 boys
2. Fill in the blank. I wish I was more ________________.
in shape
3. What is something that you wish you had been warned about?
that letting my oldest play the xbox once would turn into an obbession
4. What was the best thing you ever found at a garage sale/flea market?
brand new $200 carseat for $10
5. If you could have any meal brought to you right now, what would it be?
hersey bars and a six pack :)


Di said...

I'm now convinced I need to go yard saleing for baby!!

Kath' said...

Oh I loved your anwsers !! You made me laugh and I needed that this

"Twingle Gal" Stephanie said...

What a steal on that carseat! Following from FQF.


I am Harriet said...

Stopping by to thank you for posting Friday-Follow.

Have a great Friday!

Jennifer Sikora said...

Visiting from Friendly Friday Follow. Be sure and stop by my blog and take a peek. Subcribe by email or RSS so that you don't miss a single post!

MammaKerr said...

I wish I was more in shape too!
Found you via Mama M - 5QF - love that meme! :)


Organic Girl said...

Happy Friday Follow Organic Girl andTodays Diva

Mom's Review for you said...

Just wanted to let you know that I am following. I would love it if you could follow me back!