Saturday, August 1, 2009

What 6 days?

Today is my bridal shower. Sorry I haven't been blogging much still have stuf to get done for the wedding.

My wedding band came in the mail yesterday and then my best friend Ash took me to buy my wedding night outfit. I'm sure I'm gonna wow Joel even after 9 and half years together.

My mom stopped by to check on my papa yesterday he was in a better mood. they are gonna do radiation for 2 weeks striaght so he wont be able to make it to the wedding. But he told my mama that if I didn't go ahead with my plans he'd check outta the hospital against medical advice and come get my butt. lol

I still haven't printed out the programs. We are honoring my grandmother and Joe's grandfather that have passed away with a candle I'm debating doing one to honor my papa sick in the hospital? Dunno I'll talk to mom about that today.

Joe got a bonus check at work yesterday that was great. we still watching on Eian's ssi, which sucks.

I'm excited about the wedding and the shower today so I better go clean since it's at my house.

Joe did all the cleaning last night for me except dishes. The 1 thing I hate doing lol.

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