Thursday, August 20, 2009

Updates All Around

Ok as far as the ants. Yuk. They crawled in my car from our grass outside our yard has been over run with the dang things this summer. This is not the 1st time they've gonna in the car but it's the worst. It's Thursday and i'm still finding the little pest in the car.

I sprayed the whole car inside and out with ant spray. Guess it needs another good spray.

Eian is doing good. He's going through a growling phase it's too cute. I worry about how he's gonna take to a new baby more than Alex. He's just so rough sometimes. He even gives rough love.

Alex starts school after labor day. I'm so ready. He's excited about the baby. He's sure it's a girl. lol he's watching Diego and the baby hatched from an egg and he asked me whens my baby girl gonna hatch. lol

I'm doing ok other than bad head aches. I had them when I was pregnant with Eian. So hopefully when I get in to the dr, he can put me on some meds for them like with Eian.

Joe's happy. I think he's wanting a girl this time. But he's not gonna come out and say that.

We have picked out names
If it's a girl She'll be Sofi Natalya and call her Sofi
If it's a boy He'll be William Zackary and not sure if we gonna call him Liam or Zack.

Tomorrow will be 2 weeks married lol. I'd say we doing good. I'm happy Joe's happy.

My sister left Tuesday for college. I talked to her last night and she seems to be enjoying it so far.


Suzie said...

Eian will do great with a new sibling. One more person to teach him and help him grow. Hope your headaches get better!

ABandCsMom said...

I so hope you get your little girl. I love the name Sofi. I also love the name Liam for a boy.

Hope your headaches let up soon. I've had one for 4 straight days now. Except my are from "that time of the month"...ugh!

Debbie said...

I'm glad all is going well with you guys. Hope the headaches go away.....drink lots and lots of water. I get migraines and that seems to help.

I am praying for a girl! BUT I like Liam too! Love Sofi!