Monday, August 17, 2009

Can I Get A Monday Do Over?

I already don't like mondays, as they are our busiest day. With therapy and EI back to back. Well we didn't make it to therapy today. In going to my car to get a diaper. I noticed my car was infested with Ants. inside, outside, the trunk, carseats, you name it.

On a good note. The boys slept all night in Alex's bed I did have to go in there 4-5 times with one or the other of them but they stayed in it all night and didnt fuss to bad.


stephanie said...

Ants, YIKES! how are you going to get rid of them?

Debbie said...

ANTS? Oh my goodness! How did they get in there????

Glad the boys slept well. JEB usually crawls into our bed sometime in the night and is a total bed-hog! Would love for him to outgrow that!

Hope you are feeling well and not sick! I'll be praying for you!