Sunday, August 9, 2009

Still Alive

Wedding was great. Very beautiful. The pictures will be back mon or tues I hope. We had a great childfree honeymoon weekend at home. I'm very happy to FINALLY be Mrs. Kaufman. Now tomorrow starts the fun work of changing my last name.

Lacey I'll get the magnets mailed out this week sorry it wasn't sooner.

I'll post pictures as soon as i have them.


Lacey said...

Hey no worries about the magnets. I really just need one for now, although I guess its dumb to just mail one out and then the rest. We are driving to Cali on Friday and I would love to have it on my car.

I remember being so relieved when my wedding was over. So much stress just to say I do to someone.

Anonymous said...


My name is Sarah said...