Friday, July 3, 2009

Zoo Trip June 2009

Me, My mom, & sister took the boys to Riverbank Zoo. a few weeks ago.
*note pix are in odd order*

Way Home

Way Home eating Dip N Dots

Chillin in his ride with a bottle of strawberry pediasure.

Way Home being silly

A little Wallabe

Alex on a Gorieal on the merry go round

Eian getting some walking in

He would not siton the tiger for the picture lol

Alex on the Tiger

Alex on the Lions

Eian and my mom on the Lion

Eating Icees too cute faces on both

Eian checking out the horse

Alex riding the horse

Getting ready to ride the horse

Crazy Katie (gotta love my sis she's one of a kind)

Love the tongue

Katie and Alex making a special penny

Alex learning to milk a cow

Feeding the goats

Looking at some animal

Alex and Amie

Alex looking at the map to find our way

Alex and the totum
Eian being silly with Aunt KT (as they call her)


Alicia W. said...

Hey Dawn! I'm from SC as well.. W.Cola to be exact. Found your blog tonight and just had to say hello.

Your blog is SOOOOOO adorable and so are your precious kids. :) Nice to meet you.

Lacey said...

We almost went to the zoo today. But went to the mall instead. Now I want to go. Maybe we'll go Sunday.

Dawn said...

it was a good day not too hot or cool. the boys had a great time Eian wasn't really into the animals but loved being out around people. last time we went to the zoo I was pregnant with E and it was so hot even the animals weren't out lol.

Hey Alica Nice to meet another sc mom

datri said...

Love the pics! What a wonderful time. I love going to zoos. Kayla, not so much, LOL.