Monday, July 13, 2009

The Weekend Is Over

Alex painted this picture saturday night at my moms house. It's his family he painted Poppop, Alex, Amie, & KT. The red thing is shuggy and the green thing at the bottom is charlie. Me, daddy and eian aren't in it cuz we wasn't there when he painted it. lol. I think I might have a little artist on my hands.

Here's Mr. Jax in his matching shirt. Nothing do Alex but get Jaxson a shirt to match him & E. So Lacey sent me some pictures last night. I can't wait to show my big hearted man these when he gets up. Alex has such a big heart. He loves helping people and doing things for people especially kids. Like at the park for fireworks he was trying to take care of a little boy crying while the fireworks were going off. he'd never met this little boy before but he was sitting beside him holding his hand and patting his backa nd tell him it was ok.
Don't forget Phoenix's fundraiser starts today and Jaxson's is still going on until the 31st. So be sure to get in on it. I had some great WAHM step up and donate stuff for Phenny's and also for Mr. Rhett's that starts in Aug.. So I have renewed belief that I'll be able to keep doing these to help out other families.

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