Wednesday, July 8, 2009


ok we are home now and at this point I'd upload pictures of Eian's 1st trip to the beach but I left my camera in my moms car. (4 hours in the backset with my 2 kids. i was ready to be out. lol)
I have a few on my phone I'll put up. i didnt get any of Alex on my phone cuz he was jumping waves with my sister. I'll add more tomorrow.
Loving (and Eating) the sand
1st time in water
Puts a whole new meaning to shop til you drop. Shopping with mommy last night


Lacey said...

those are pretty good pics for a phone. To cute.

datri said...

So, how much sand did he eat? LOL. It's stressful taking Kayla to the beach because all she wants to do is eat the sand! Love the pics!

ABandCsMom said...

Love the pictures! I think your phone takes good pictures by the way.

Dawn said...

Thanks it's the LG Env2. I think I use it more than the 3 good cameras i have lol.