Wednesday, July 22, 2009

3 Weeks to Plan a Wedding

Most people think I'm crazy. Well they are right. I've been with Joe for almost 10 years on and off. Him asking me to marry him has caught me and everyone who knows him off gruad. Joe has never been the big romantic type. he's the kinda guy who doesn't say I love you ever much. Actually he's only said it a handful of times since we had kids and mostly by accident. *note Joe may not say it but I know he does* So When he asked me to marry him and told me it was up to me I knew I didnt wanna wait . I talked to my mom and she said as long as I gave her 2 weeks we'd be good so I gave her 3 to be safe. just about everything has come together. But not without the help of our family and great friends. Thats the only way we have been able to plan a wedding in 3 weeks. 16 days until the big day and we only have small details to worry about.

The engagement pictures turned out great can't wait to get them back thrus to show you.

We Have
-Marriage liecense
-Invatations being mailed today
-engagement pictures done picking up thurs
-5 bridesmaids(only 1 has a dress so far lol)
-5 grooms men
-programs ready to be printed
-alex, joel & eian's black ties
-photographer for wedding
-someone to do my hair and make up
-bachelorette party planned for this sat
-wedding shower planned for next sat
-bachelor party planned
-pastor( just have to call her today and set up a time for her to meet with me and joel)
-cake mom ordered it yesterday
-ringbears(alex & eian)
-Flower girl(emily)
-toasting glasses (on there way engraved)
-unity candle(on its way with names on it)
-cake serving set
-candle holders for unity candle
-plates for cake
-tulle for decor
-ring pillow
-small tiara for me

-alex & joe's outfits

Things we need
-rent chairs
-center pieces
-print pictures for table
-aisle runner
-eian outfit
-i'm sure there are more but my poor mind can only hold so many things at once

I'm about to post my wordless wednesday it'll only stay up today it'll be taken down tonight it's gonna be my dress. so watch

*red stuff is what I picked up today

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