Sunday, June 14, 2009

Adventures In Babysitting Miss Kira

Friday night my SIL called me wanting to know if I could keep Miss Kira for an hour or so. They had to go move some stuff so sure. Both my boys were sleeping this will be easy, right. WRONG! She was a very unhappy little girl that night. She cried most of the hour I had her. She's a breastfeed baby and is very much attached to her mommy. She woke both boys up. Then I finally got her to sleep Eian woke her up. She was happy when mommy came back to get her.

Eian and Kira
He's not sure why mommy sat a baby on him
Blurry but super cute smile

Finally sleeping before Eian woke her up.

So Saturday morning Kirsten text me and asked if I minded watching her again for a little bit. I said ok and told her to make sure she sent some milk.(After all this mama don't make milk anymore). So She brought her. Miss Kira was all smiles and happy for a long time. She played with the boys. Uncle Joe Joe got up and played with her. So we all hung out in the livingroom Joe helping out with the 3 kids. By some wonderful fate all 3 feel asleep at the same time. They had a nice nap (all but Eian) Joe and I got some quiet time to just talk(we don't get to do that much) Then the kids got up and Miss Kira was fussy. I did get her to take about 3oz of milk from a bottle(she hates bottles) and then wonderful MIL came and got her. I did get some cute pictures. but man was I tried and Joe was cranky.
She was in a good mood

She looks like her brother.

Being cute Notice her little ear rings she got them done last week.

Eian Doesn't like playing with the baby just the baby stuff

Big brother Alex He loves babies

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