Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Slacker, Sorry!

I been a slacker, and I'm sorry. I been down in the dumps the past few days. I'm off my meds and have been for about a month. I go back to dr on the 23rd and hopefully she'll adjust them and I'll get back on track. Its just with no insurance and income it's hard to see the dr atleast mines great and works with me.
So anyways. Eian is walking up a storm. He loved playing at the park Easter and he was so dirty. lol
Both boys had a great Easter. and Both are doing good.
We have puppies. Our dog Jada had her babies the other day. She's a Brindle Pit/Boxer mix and the daddy well who knows lol. She had 6 of them 2 black ones, a white one, 2 tan ones, and one just like her(we are keeping her). 5 girls 1 boy.

This is our little girl

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My name is Sarah said...

OMG!! Those puppies are so cute.