Friday, April 10, 2009

Addicted? Who ME?

They say the 1st step is to admit you have a problem. So here goes.

I, Dawn J(still wishes she had Joel's last name) is addicted to the colors Black and Hot Pink, and Skulls.

This is Me wearing my black frame glasses and in a black shirt with an undershirt that has pink and black lip prints.

It all started with this pair of shoes.

My Fav. shirt bought to match the shoes

My black and pink jewlrey stash notice the earrings have skulls

Sadly I bought my deortent simply because it was black and pink thank goodness it smelled good too

My lip printed shirt

Black jeans with my new Pink belt

New shirt sadly it didnt fit right so i passed it on to my sil

Pink and Black magnet bumper sticker (on my car now)
Pink shirt and zebra print shirt

Black Skull Pocketbook/Diaper Bag

Me pink and black socks with skulls
Eian's new skull oneie
Have Cloth Wipes in this Fabric

I have these ordered for Eian

If I had a little girl she'd own all these (spencers)

I also have countless pink and black shirts, underwear, Alex has his own skull shirt and the boys both have skull winter hats. I also have a black plastic nose ring with a pink stone ordered.
You decide, is Dawn addicted?

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