Thursday, June 26, 2008

Thursday, Thursday, Thursday

Well good news the boys are feeling better. :) I'll have some video of Mr. E sitting and making faces tomorrow.
Eian had his PT evaluation today he did good. She said he was doing great and was really impressed with all the stuff he's doing. She did say he did have some weaknesses to address ( I knew that) and that he would be worked in the schedule for PT. :) I'm excited for him I think it will be a great help to him I know OT has helped him so much already. She also gave me some tips for helping him at home until he gets on the schedule.

We are still looking for a new place and hopefully we'll have one soon. Other than that all is going ok. Still being here with Joel is awkward, but we are civil. lol

Ok now for some pictures. Some old ones.

These are from a photo shoot when i was pregnant with E

Alex on his 1st bike after christmas

Alex's 1st trip to carowinds i was pregnant with e

Alex's 1st xmas
Eian's 1st xmas
Me with Kaylee (my oldest goddaughter)
Me, Katie, And Jonathan ( long time ago)
Alex's 1st bday photo

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