Friday, April 25, 2008


Man this week has been crazy. I'm so glad it's Friday. My sinus/allergies are still killing me. and what a prefect time for them to start. right after I pierced my nose. So needless to say my nose has been extra sore but now it's better since the ring doesn't hurt anymore just the sore spots from blowing and wiping my nose.

So Eian has his MRI Monday I'm a little scared as they have to put him tosleep to do it. He's never had anything like this before. My poor little guy they better get a good darn dr to take care of him. Or they'll have one mad mama on their hands and a mad grandma. My mom took the day off to go with me for it. The last few days I've noticed he's started where when he's on his tummy he holds himself up with his left arm and puts his right arm back beside him. so I brought this up to Courtney his OT and she seems to think he's favoring that left arm more so now we have to start working on him useing both arms to hold himself up.

Alex has been a handful the last few days he screams every night when we leave my moms house. I talking top of his lungs screaming the whole way home. It even continues aftyer we are home. I'm sure the neighborhood thinks I'm the meanest mom in the world. I got a feeling we need to cut down on our time at my moms house during the week as we are usally there everynight that Joe works to have dinner with them. I gotta get the boys on a routine i think that is his biggest problem. That and he's a demon. lol.

And to not be left out, My sweet hunny Joel. He stays so busy with work we dont see him much. I wish he'd hear from the highway patrol about the job. I really hope he gets it cuz he needs a change and I really think he'll like it. He's at the Piggly Wiggly right now and has been since high school he's the co-operator. So last night I texted him as asked him to bring home Alex and Eian diapers as they were both out (never a good thing) and this morning I woke up to find 2 packs of diapers on the couch. Size 5 for Alex and size 1 for Eian. Ok hunny I'm so happy you got them but Eian's been outta size 1 for a while he's in size 3 lol. but I won't say anything cuz I love him and he was helping me out. so Eian is wearing size 1 diapers again. lol it's a little snug but they work. it's better than none at all. I really dont think my 6 month old is ready to potty train yet. Heck I can't even get my 3 year old to do it.

Ah Choo... i'm so tired of sneezing. :(

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