Friday, April 25, 2008

Childless.... You gotta be lying!

My mom has both kids tonight. Wow. I'm still in shock this is my 1st night with both of them gone in a while. and boy did I need the break. lol. Cuz tomorrow is gonna be another long day. Tomorrow is my sisters prom. So my friend Caitlyn is coming over here around lunch to do Katie's hair. then I have to take pictures of my Niece in law for it. and be done in time for my mom to borrow my camera to take pictures of Katie. Which is all fine. I enjoy it. Joel's off this weekend so I'm hoping at least tonight he'll sleep in the bed with me.

* For those who don't know I'll bring you up to speed on our living arrangements so to speak. Yes Joel and I are in a committed relationship (lol) and have been for a couple years now. On and off 8 years together. High school sweethearts. soulmates, etc. ok so we aren't married it'll happen one day. (I tell him once he's so old he'll forget to tell me no) anyways. we have a 3 bedroom house. A&E have a room, I have a room, and Joel has a room. Alex sleeps with me (sadly) in our queen size bed. that is no longer big enough for more than me and him (some nights i think there isn't room for me) I'm working on getting him in his own bed again. Eian sleeps in teh crib next to my bed(i learned with the 1st haha) and Joel sleeps in his room. it in no way affects things it just works lol*

Ok so i'm off to a nice long hot shower without Alex beating on the door :) Have a great night and I'll post Prom pix later.

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