Monday, April 21, 2008

Alex's 3rd Birthday

He had a great day despite the fact the weather was yucky. Alex had a blast at the park playing and hanging out. He didnt care if it was kinda cold out or if the sand was wet and stuck to his pants. He got some great gifts and actually even with the yucky day had a good many people show up. Alex said his favorite part was getting to hit his pinyaya(pinata) I got some great video of that. Eian had fun too while he was awake. He ate cake then got all snuggly and passed out and slept the rest of the party lol. Joel had a good time too. He even got game time with the guys at the house after the party. lol. I enjoyed myself I wished the weather had been good but Alex had a blast and thats all that matters. ok now for the pictures

Some from Uncle Chris(thanks a bunch)

Silly Birthday Boy Eian and Aunt Ashleigh

Silly Uncle Chris The Cake

Alex and Daddy The pinyaya


Blowing Out the candles opening gifts(i think he likes)

So excited Hitting the pinyaya

silly boy

From my camera

a few pre-party pictures playing the pupu(computer) and watching daddy play 360

Wow I love this oh man just what I wanted

Telling Amie Thanks for the cool gift.

Here is the Pinyaya video

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