Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Happy 5th Birthday Eian (Plus Birth Story)

Happy Birthday Big Boy! I can't believe you are 5 now. 
Today I have cupcakes to take to his class for him to share then after school we are going to McDonald's to eat and play then have cake and his gifts at home.

OMG My Water Broke (Birth Story)
Tuesday i woke up to my phone ringing it was my grandma she was having trouble breathing and i got up at 5:30am and me and alex took her to the er we where there til 8 and we took her home. i had my appt at 9 am to see my new dr and have the gbs done so i left alex at my grandparents and went. i waited an hour to see the dr and after the appt we called and set my new c-sec date since i was changing hospitals and set it for 10-26 well i left and went back to get alex. we stayed there until about 12:30pm and i got alex up to leave took him to the car and my water broke. so we had my grandma and aunt take us to my moms so she could take us to the hospital i called joel at work and told him. we all got to the hospital at about 2 and it took my dr 2 hrs to get there all the time i'm leaking and having contrations. well after my dr got there they decided to transfer me to a level 3 hospital since i was only 35 weeks and off we went in the ambluance. we got there at about 6 and had to wait until 8pm for the c-sec. we went back and it took them almost an hour to get Eian out cuz i had so much scar tissue from alex. he came out at 8:59pm screaming and he weighted 6lbs and 5oz and is doing great he's a lil sleepy head and you have to wake him to geth him to eat but we got to come home today. his big brother alex just loves him so much. i'm doing good too. this c-sec was much easier than my first.

Eian's Down syndrome
When Eian was 2 days old he came back from the nursery with lots of stick marks. The nurse told me they were trying to do blood work on him. I figured normal newborn stuff. They took him back later to try again, this time they tried the side of his head. I asked my nurse what kinda blood work was it and if they had finally been able to get enough my poor baby have been stuck arms, feet and head now. She looked puzzled and said hasn't the dr talked to you. I told her no I hadn't seen the ped this morning one never came it. She told me she'd have one come talk to me later. Looking back I should have been worried and demanded to see one then, but I didn't. Later that night while I had a room full of visitors 2 drs came in to see me about Eian I think I knew something was up cuz there was 2 of them. They asked if I wanted my company to leave so they could talk I told them no cuz I didn't wanna be alone plus it was my morther in law and sisters in law. Anyways mind you it's around 9pm or so (sorry that day is kinda fuzzy) I'm 45 mins from home and my mom has Alex at home keeping him and Joel was at home cuz he had to work in the morning. Back to the story, the one dr says we think your baby may have Down syndrome, He has a few characteristics but not alot so we aren't sure. He then pointed out the ones he had, Folds in the eyes, gap toe. he told me they think they got enough blood and the results should be back in a week and left. I just looked at my perfect baby that had made it coming early and had not never any help. MIL cried my SIL called my mama. My mama asked her if she'd come get Alex so she could come up and be with me.  So after they left I was alone for a good almost 2 hrs while they drove home them my mom drove up. I cried and she stayed with me and fell asleep hold Eian in the chair. I text Joel to call when he woke up since it was late I didn't wanna call and wake him up. He called me about 30 mins later I told him what the dr had said. and he told me everything would be ok that DS or not Eian would be just fine. So the next day my mom had to go to work and they sent a soc worker to see me with some pamphlets. the dr put me back on my prozac and keep me an extra day so I didn't do anything to the baby (seriously dr I was away from home no one to stay with me since he came early and ya'll have just gave me the news you thought he had ds but werent sure. I just wanted to go home)

Fast forward took the lab 6 weeks to get us the results, by then I knew he had DS I could tell and had done all sorts of research. I just need official results to get him in therapy and etc. 

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