Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Guest Post-Throwing a Great Kid’s Birthday Party

Throwing a Great Kid’s Birthday Party

If you’re like me and you have more than one child and are married that means there are a lot of birthdays to plan every single year.  Each and every child deserves to feel special, but you also can’t go crazy stressing about throwing the perfect birthday party.  Over the years I have learned a few tricks to help keep the stress low and the fun way, way up. 

I am here to tell you that there is no rule or even suggestion in any etiquette book or social norm that states you have to invite a ton of people to the party.  The whole point of the party is to make your kid feel special and that is easily accomplished with their closest friends in an intimate setting. 

When it comes to entertainment you have two options: at home or away.  The temptation of having an offsite birthday party at a park, science center, skating rink or arcade is tempting, but make sure that you employ extra adults to help you keep an eye on the kids.  If you’re going to host the party at your house, try creating a treasure hunt for the kids or set up a crafts table so they can get all messy together and take home their projects.  It also helps to inspire activities to pick out a theme like Super Mario Bros. where you can decorate the house with Super Mario party supplies and have video games set up for the kids to play and give away sacks filled with chocolate gold coins. 

As far as food is concerned, there is nothing wrong with simply ordering pizza.  Hot dogs are another choice and you can even get organic ones if you want to go the healthy route.  As far as the cake goes, unless you really like baking, you can get a bakery to handle that part and that way you can get some fancy decoration to go along with the theme of the party.

In the end your son or daughter will have the most fun if you’re having fun too.  So, make your game plan and then relax a little when the party gets underway so you can enjoy those precious moments and celebrate the life of your child.

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Amanda said...

We love your parties Dawn. Wish you were home to share them with us .... LOVE YOU