Monday, January 23, 2012

Victoria Has Been Found

So about a week or so ago Victoria moved to the My Family Found Me page. I was so excited I cried. Then I got a wonderful email from Victoria's forever mommy, thanking me for being Victoria's Christmas Warrior and raising money for her adoption. It made me cry even more, Joel proli thought I had lost my mind laying on the bed crying like a baby reading emails on my phone. Anyways I wanted to wait until they had announced it before I posted anything about it. I'm happy to announce that Victoria is gonna be a big sister to two little sisters, Kaelyn & Bryn. I can't wait to follow this adoption. I've followed alot of DS adoptions on blogs and facebook but this one is special to me. This is the little girl I wished and prayed about for many months.
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KatelynnB.28 said...

I would like more information on this. I would like to help raise money for a little child as well. Thank you