Sunday, October 17, 2010

Monkmee Review- Shout

It's Fall Time! This is the time of year I look forward to the most. The weather is just right for playing outside with the kids. As parents we know outside play means dirty clothes. Those dirty clothes are no match for Shout. If your gonna play outside make it educational with learning toys and the kids don't even know they are learning.

Message from Shout:
 Shout knows play is so much more than fun and games. Studies show that unstructured play helps kids build fundamental skills like problem solving, coping, and conflict resolution. In other words: play is how kids become happy, healthy adults. Fall has arrived with crisp, cool air and new reasons to go out and play. So, let your kids take that rewarding jump into a pile of leaves. Take at trip to the park and watch their imaginations run free. The one thing you won’t do is worry about their clothes; play should get messy and Shout can help.

Not only is Shout good for dirty and grass stains, but it is also great for fighting those nasty baby diaper stains. You know what I'm talking about, you put that brand new cute as can be outfit on your baby and what do they do? Poop out their diapers staining their outfit. Shout saved several of Will's cute shirts so far.

Shout has developed the Glp initiative. Which is to help parents learn how kids benefit from play time.
Another great way to get your kids playing is with the 52 Activities in Nature card set, which can be found at
*I received free products from Shout to review. These are my honest thoughts. This review was sponsored by Shout & Growing Tree Toys*

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