Saturday, August 7, 2010

Oops My Fridge-To-Go Saved My Breastmilk

We had a family get together yesterday and I took my Fridge-To-Go packed with Will's frozen breast milk and a jar of baby food in it. It was late when we got home last night and I have 3 sleepy kids to get into bed. I finally got them in bed and crashed myself without even changing clothes. This morning I got up and I about cried when I walked into the kitchen. There was the cooler sitting beside the diaper bag in the floor.
I just knew his milk would be ruined. Even though I'm a stay at home mom pumping with 3 kids and our busy schedules is hard to do. The thought of having to pour out his milk made me sick to my stomach.

I picked up the bag and opened it and the milk was still cool. OMGosh I was so happy. I couldn't believe it. Fridge-To-Go had saved 5oz of breast milk. Now I did have to use it in a bottle this morning to feed him but boy was I glad I didn't have to pour it out.
Great way to start my anniversary.


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Anonymous said...

Wow, what a great story! That is the power of the new Fridge-To-Go!

We have a few of these and use them for baby travel, lunch travel and even going on outings with the family.

My regular cooler bags now sit in a heap in the garage.