Tuesday, August 3, 2010

My Fridge-To-Go

I know I've posted about Fridge-To-Go before but man I love this little cooler. For the past few days I've used it exclusivly for carring breastmilk to and from my grandmothers house when she keeps Will. But today I used it to take Eian's sippy cup of milk to therapy with us. It was our 1st 2 hour therapy session plus we had things to do after. Eian likes cold milk to drink while going to sleep and the car is no exception. He usally goes through 1 cup on the way up a 45 minute drive and needs another for the drive home. So I packed him an extra cup and put it in my Fridge-To-Go.

I even had extra room I could have packed something else.

It was great, his milk stayed nice and cool even left out in the hot car. Everyone needs one of these. Alex loves it too.

Right now Fridge-To-Go is offering FREE shipping, PRESALE ONLY! Limited number available for shipment in August with FREE ground shipping!

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I give it my mommy approval!!!!

I received the Fridge-to-go Luncheon for review from Fridge-To-Go & Business 2 Blogger. I was not paid to write this review. These are my own personal opinion.

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