Saturday, August 28, 2010

Monkmee Family Update 8-28

I've been lacking in my actual blogging so here goes a REAL update. He he!
Mama Monkmee
I'm doing pretty good considering it's been 2 weeks since I dropped of Joel for basic training. But then again he was in holding for those 2 weeks and got to text and call a couple times a day. Now he's in actually training as of yesterday and his phone has been locked up. 14 weeks and he'll be home. I'm keeping myself busy with the kids, my blog reviews, and extra stuff I'm taking on even though I probley shouldn't but it keeps me busy. I've gotten 3 letters so far from him and thats awesome.

I'm working on my HTML and coding skills. I've only been doing my own blog layouts (as you've seen me change countless times) but I sat down with my friends blog and gave her a bloggy makeover for taking Alex to school in the mornings for me. Indeed I Am Blessed, she loves it, me, eh I still wanna improve it. But I'm a little OCD when it comes to my grapic skills. Im trying to improve them. This is just my list for today!

Daddy Monkmee
He said he was doing good. He said he misses us more than he thought he would but he was ready for basic to start so he could do what he had to do and finish so he could come home to us.

Alex Monkmee
Alex has been in school for over a week now. He's doing good and enjoys it. they go by a color system. Green is good, Yellow means they got a warning, Orange is they were redirected, Blue is they loose privlages, and Red is a phone call to parents. He's been on green everday until Wednesday he got yellow for talking after his teacher told him to stop. Imagine that Alex talking. LOL. Mr I talk in my sleep cuz I never shut up lol. But other than that he's been doing really good. I got him a job chart yesterday and I got it filled out and hung up. I'm trying to get them on a schdule. I also have a bunch of pre-school and 5k work books he's gotten and we gonna start doing a page a day. He's starting fall soccer on the 7th with his best friend and godbrother Curtis. That should be good for him.

Eian Monkmee
Eian is doing good. It's a fight to get him to wear his glasses. He misses his daddy, he's had the most trouble adjusting to him being gone. He's a total daddy's boy! He starts 3k the 2nd week of September. He'll be going 3 hours a day 5 days a week, just like Alex did for 2 years. Eian is completly off the bottle and we are getting ready to see if he's ready for potty training. He's talking more and more and still signing good. He loves to dance and I'm thinking about putting him in dance classes.

Will Monkmee
Woo was almost 18lbs at his 4 month check up. Dr said he was perfect and keep up the good work breast feeding him. He's rolling all over the place, trying to sit unsupported, and discovered toys. I had to start buckling him in his bouncy seat cuz he leans over and has tumbed out once. My mama got him a stationary play chair and he loves it.

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