Saturday, July 24, 2010

Monkmee Update

I know this is long over due. Forgive me I've been busy. We are all doing good. The boys are growing and learning so much.

Alex has discovered Silly Bands and well lets just say we all own some thanks to him and his love of sharing. Even little Will was sporting a Silly band the other day. He's excited about starting school. he told me the other day he wants it to start already.

Eian, well Eian is learning by leaps and bounds.He started a few months back patting his diaper when it was dirty, then he started patting it before he used it so I decided to try to potty train him but before I could start he decided he was done with his bottle. Well he got a new cup and drank outta it the whole day without asking for a "ba" so I continued to not give him one. He's been 5 days without his bottle and I'm happy to say we are "ba" free. So I'm gonna give him a week or so then see how he does with potty training cause i don't wanna take too much away from as one time. The boy has become a talker. He can say anything he wants. Manpa, Aly(Alex), Woo(Will), head, xbox, snack, nitenite, bye, and way more than I can list lol. If he's in a talking mood you can get him to repeat anything. He's also signing more putting 2 or 3 signs together along with saying the word, to make a sentance. At the mountains in the hot tub he signed and said water mouth. To let us know he got water in his mouth. I'm so proud. He told me I love you the other day. he's said it before to my mom and grandma but never me. I can't believe he'll be 3 years old in a few months.

Will is growing up fast too. We had to pack up the tiny baby clothes and pull out the bigger stuff. He's learned to roll over, laugh, smile, baby talk and he's trying his best to sit up. He thinks he's a big boy. We started baby food the other day as he's always trying to get our food and watches us like a hawk when we eat. He had sweet potatoes and he loved them.

Me and Joel are doing good. He leaves in 3 weeks for basic at Fort Benning. I'm busy working on planning going away parties for him. I'm gonna miss him but it's for the best. I knew I'd have to make scrifices being an Army wife but I just learned that when we move with him next summer, if we live on base we wont be able to take our dog. Jada is one of the banned dog breeds, Pit. That makes me so sad she's part of the family. Jada is my girl, my only girl. We've had her for almost 3 years now. Atleast we have family that will take her so we don't have to lose her just relocate her lol.

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Awww... superb post Dawn... Really enjoyed it....