Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Yesterday Was ....


Monday is therapy day for E. He has to be there at 10am which means we have to leave at 9am to get there. No biggie be doing it for 2 years now twice a week. Yesterday E woke up at 7am so I put on Shrek so I could work on the computer while Will was sleeping. I noticed he was very quiet, so I looked and he had fell back asleep.
Thats very odd for E cuz once he's awake he goes full force all day long, and he'd only been up 30 minutes tops. So he slept and slept, about 8:44 I got him dressed and he slept through that. I put him and Will in the car and headed to my Grandparents house they had Alex and were gonna keep Will too. E slept the whole 45 minute drive to therapy. I woke him when we got there and he walked in. He didn't wanna eat his breakfast, odd for E too. He went back with Miss Courtney and about 2o minutes later she brought him back out (therapy is an hour long). She said all he did was lay his head on her table. So we left I carried him this time to car. We drove to target to get a baby shower gift. He slept the drive there and only woke up for a minute or two in Target.
He then slept the whole 45 min drive back to my Grandparents house. it was 1pm when we got out there and he had been sleeping pretty much all day. He finally decided to play with Alex and Emily for a little bit. But he still wasn't 100% E.
I had to stop by my MIL's house to trade carseats with her before going home. Well her driveway is a POS. I thought I was clear but I hit the big dip and hit the bottem of my car . I Got my craseat and took my whinney kids home(by this point Alex, E and Will were unhappy). After Joe got home he decided to change oil in the van and he went outside . He came right back in and said my car was leaking oil all over my driveway. FREAKIN GREAT! I cracked my oil pan when I hit the dip. Just my luck. Hopefully he can get it fix today and it wont cost too much. So today for therapy we are taking the van and Joel is driving.

I did come home to find 2 of the products I'm gonna review to giveaway in the mail and also a prize I won. It's a totally awesome Undercover Mama Shirt I won from Crazy House. Be watching hopefully today I'll get another giveaway up.


Our Funny Little Family said...

Hi! I'm your newest follower from the blog hop, looking forward to getting to know your family :)

Jessica Warrick said...

following you from TTA you can follow back at http://punkrockmomma.com

Sweetpz said...

i'm a new follower of your blog! your boys are "adorable" =)

I hope everything is ok with Eian and hes back to his normal self today!

have a great day!