Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Baltic Amber

So I've read all about Baltic Amber and how so many moms swear by it for teething pain. I ordered Eian a necklace back when I first started cloth diapering him but he had almost all his teeth and has a high pain tolerance. So I decided to order Will a amber anklet. He started getting really colicky on the 26th so for 3 days We all took turns bouncing, patting, and walking Will. anythng to make him feel better. He screamed for 3 days and on the 29th his anklet came in the mail. I put it on him right then. Joel thought I was crazy putting an anklet on his son. The next day my happy baby was back. I have not taken the anklet off expect for a short time it feel off while Alex was playing with will and I didn't notice til I got him dressed for bed. maybe 30 mins tops. lol. He's been tummy ache free since then.  I ordered ours from Happy Dance Designs


Mama to 3 Blessings said...

God has blessed you with a beautiful family!
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Anonymous said...

Wow that's cool!