Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Will's Birth Story

I had to be at the hospital at 8am for my c-section at 10am. I woke up at 6am to get my shower anf make sure everything was ready. We hit the road at 7am, its a 45 min drive to the hospital. They ceck us in and got all my info in the computer. The nurse hooked me up to monitors and started my iv. I was actually have pretty regular contractions. So around 9:30 the boys came up with my grandma and i got to get some loves before I went back. The nurse came in around 9:45 and we left to walk back to the OR onc in there I got warm blankets and just waited. The anesthesiologist came in to get started. It took him 4 or 5 tries to get my spinal in right. Which was pretty painful. He told me I made him work for his money that day. After about 20 mins he got it in and I was laid down and drapped. They brought Joel in at this point and before I knew it they had started. A few mins later the anesthesiologist told Joel to stand up and look. Joel said they had his head out and with a push on my stomach and a tug out came the rest of him. At 10:40am William Zackery came out screaming. They showed him to me and took him over to be cleaned. Joel went over with him. The dr finished my c-section and did my tubal and sewed me up. They brought Will over to me i got to kiss him and the nurse and Joel took him to the nursey to be weighted and get a bath. Soon after they finished me up and got me cleaned and wheeled to the recovery room. Right after the dr pulled Will out the anesthesiologist gave me something to help me relax, it made me feel like someone was sitting on my chest. I feelt like this in the recovery room too. finally it started to ease off and I could breathe normal again. The nurse had Joel come to recovery room with me. My temp was low so she put me in a special gown that she hooked a tube to that blew warm air on me. Finally my temp came up and they took me to my room. Finally after about 30 mins or so they brought Will to me and I got to hold him.

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