Saturday, March 13, 2010

Getting Ready For Will.

Ok it'a getting closer, according to my ticker I have 27 days til my c-section on April 9th. I've been a major slacker in my blogging, but really I've been tired. Ok so to a few updates then the fun pictures of baby stuff.

Is doing good it's hard to believe my baby will be 5 in a couple weeks. He's ready too. He's busy planning his party. He's doing great in school this year. He's learning his letters right now. August is gonna be a big change for him when he starts public 5k. He's been in a private chruch preschool for 2 years now. I just hope he continues to do good in "big" school. His class doesn't start til 9 am but he likes to get there 30 minutes early so he can play with the younger kids in the 3k class. He got bunk beds when we got our taxes back and he's ben doing good about sleeping in them for the most part of the night.

Is well Eian, lol. Since his surgery in Jan. I have seem big changes in him. The sleeps all night, most nights, he doesnt snore as loud as he used to, and he hasn't needed his inhalers at all so far. He's talking alot more now too. The other night I told him to go get in bed and he climbed in covered up and said "night". His signing has really picked up. He can sign evey sign from Baby Signing Times, and uses proli 50% of them correctly. On a daily basis he uses
more I just cant think of lol.

We have everything ready for him. His little clothes are clean and put up. We are stocked in diapers. Carseat is clean and ready to be installed.

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