Thursday, January 28, 2010

Eian Update * Pix Heavy*

I just realized I never updated after E's T&A. On Jan 11th E went under to have a T&A and possible tubes. He did great. The dr said that his tonsils covered 75-80% of his airway. He did have fluid behind one of his ears so he got tubes too. He is sleeping all night now. Where he was waking up every 45mins or so. He spent 1 night in the hospital then came home. he went on a food strike and didnt eat hardly anything for a week and lost 5lbs. Now he's 100% Eian. I'm working on getting him and Alex outta my bed. I gotta do it soon since I'm having Will via c-section on April 9th. We are having our baby shower on Feb. 27th. I'm busy working on plans for that and for Alex's 5th bday. we are having his party on April 24th that gives me 15 days to recover enough to enjoy my baby turning 5.

*Just realized I did update Sorry call it pregnancy brains*

Checking out his colored bracelets

Relaxing after his happy meds

In Recovery

Sleeping in his room

Ready to go home the next day

Hanging out with Daddy (he was a daddy's boy the whole time)

Passed out

Eating finally

Watching tv with Alex on mommy's bed

Playing in his room.

Hanging out in the car yesterday

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