Saturday, January 30, 2010

All About Alex! Pt1

In reading blogs this morning Renee's gave me an idea. With the 5th birthday of my 1st born coming up on April 19th (along with the birth of my 3rd baby caoming up on April 9th) I wanted to do some post on Alex. I've found most of my pictures and blogs are about Eian. Alex tends to avoid the camera and is always into something Mr. Independant. I was looking for some carseat oops pictures of the boys Wed and looking at all Alex's old baby pictures made me decided to share. So here are a few old pictures of Alex.

8 Weeks pregnant just found out
18 weeks
29 weeks
35 weeks
Alex's 1st Ultra sound picture
Welcome to the world 8lbs 3oz
1st time holding him
Ready to escape the hospital
Hospital pictures the nurses said he was winking at them lol
1st day home napping with daddy ( this is my favorite picture of the 2 of them.)
* Stay tuned I have almost 5 years of pictures lol*

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