Thursday, November 19, 2009

Meet Alek

Alek just turned a year old in October and he's waiting on a forever family. He's healthy, happy and developing very well. He's currently living in Eastern Europe in a very good orphanage being taken care of by care givers that love him very much.

Something about this little guy has stolen my heart. We at this time do not meet the income requirments to adopt. But I can tell you that if we did and trust me I've cried over this, we'd be working to bring this little one home. But since we can't our goal is to help raise the money to find him a forever family.

Shelley over at Embracing Life as Household Six is his Christmas Warrior. Head on over to her post about him and donate to his fund if you can. $35 will get you a wonderful Christmas ornament with his picture on it. I got mine yesterday and it will be going on our tree soon as it goes up next week, right along with my boys yearly ornaments.

Look at those chubby legs and his big brown eyes. Lets help him find a family.

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Debbie said...

hey Dawn....come on over and visit us and grab our new button!

I so agree with you.....this little guy is adorable!!!

Can't wait to find out about your ultrasound on Monday!!!

Will be praying for pink!