Sunday, July 5, 2009

Our 4th Went Great

The boys had a blast playing out side at the family cookout. and just hanging out with their cousins. After that we went to the park for the annual firework show. the boys had so much fun and it was great therapy for Eian cause we were sitting on a hill and he kept trying to walk up the hill and hold his balance too. Eian loved the fireworks he kept reaching out for them so while lots of babies were crying my 21 month old was lovin every minute of it. at the end they had 2 big fireworks blowup wrong so they ended the show i'm sure they had to go home and change their underwear lol. Nobody got hurt tho. It was like 10:45 when we got home and just as I unlocked the door Joe pulled from work. Poor guy, he's misreble at work. So in his stressed out state he came home and cleaned and even started painting the living room while me and the boys slept. The boys even slept til 10 this morning lol. I'll load pictures in a little bit.

My mom informed me that we are leaving tommorrow morning to go down to Charleston and stay til Thursday. so now I have to spend today packing and getting ready. This will be Eian's 1st trip to the beach since last summer he didnt sweat and had to stay out of the heat so the whole family didnt go.

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Lacey said...

Isn't it funny how we add therapy to everyday things? Have fun at the beach, wish I was going.