Friday, July 10, 2009

July Pictures *Heavy With Pictures*

July has been good I finally got may camera and was able to upload the pictures. even tho my camera will never be the same from the sand it got in it. good thing I took my cheapest one. lol

His new outfit that was in the mail when he got home from SweetPea Boutique

Eating Sand

Trying to make my mama eat sand

He didn't like the water the 2nd day

See the teeth they finally all starting to come in

Alex Fresh And Clean

Eian's Beach outfit "When God made me he was just showing off

Alex on the beach

Sand Man

Still wet

Throwing sand

Building a Sand Castle Meal

1st day playing in wet sand

1st day he loved the water

Sand his true love

Hanging with LUCKY Bear

Watching fireworks

Eian loved them

Chillin watching the lights in the sky I'm brave the sound don't bother me.

Love this face

Alex and his laser gun

Eian and Emily hanging out

Walking up hill is hard I think I'll rest

Being good

Cheesing before we left with his hawk


Lacey said...

I took a pic of Jax in his shirt. Now I just have to put it on my computer and I'll send it to you.

Debbie said...

I'm sorry you had a not-so-good time, but the pics are sooooo adorable!!!

Hope his ck comes quickly!! I'll be praying!