Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Fundraiser Updates

Jaxson's Fundraiser was set to end in 3 days and Phenny's on the 1oth of Aug.

If know one minds I'm gonna contiue to let the go until mid Aug when the wedding stuff is over. I'm just stressed to the max trying to make sure I have everything I need. Plus money issues still haven't changed still waiting on the baby's ssi check for this month I'm sure I'll spend half the day with Soc Sec on the phone today. it's almost time for Aug ssi check.

Again I'm sorry and If you get mad let me know and i"ll be happy to refund you your money that you donated.

Their will be winners I promise I'm just super stressed right now. thats why I haven't been posting much. Sorry


Lacey said...

I hate dealing with SSI. Although I miss the money, i'm glad I don't have to deal with them anymore.

Lily said...

You have your plate full! I think everyone should know what that is like. Focus on your special day and unfortunately SSI :-( I hope it all comes together for you!

Dawn said...

thanks everyone

Debbie said...

Been there....done that. It'll all come together......I'll be praying for that......especially the $$$.