Monday, June 29, 2009

I Need Help

Ok so I'm on a misson to save the world ok not really the world but to help families with sick kids. I have Jaxson's fundraiser going right now and I have a few other families I'd like to help in the next few weeks. I'm thinking about starting a blog just for Fundraising for our special kids. Not only Down syndrome but any sickness. My only problem is I am soley funding these fundraisers meaning I'm paying for everything I give away. and being a SAHM myself. money is not always easy to spare I don't mind really but if any of you readers know how I can go about contacting people to give away items for these fundraisers i'd love to help or if you have a sick child I'd love to feature. email me at again this is not for me this is for you families who need support.

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Anonymous said...

I have a friend that just started to blog. She was diagnosed with ALS in February. I wanted to get her a blog button, but wasn't sure how or where to go.
We received Phoenix's blog look as a gift from a fellow blogger.
She is really into motorcycles. I'd be willing to pay someone to do it, if it's reasonable. (money is pretty tight)