Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I Lost Alex Today

And never again do I want to feel what I felt today.

*He's safe and fine with a HAPPY ENDING!*

So today started like most. getting Joel up, checking emails, getting kids up and dressed. Alex didn't feel good so we canceled Eian's therapy. Alex played the xbox most of the morning and I spent the morning fussing at Eian. See normal just like every other day right. WRONG!

Eian wen to sleep on me at the desk and I laid him in the bed, reheated spaghetti for me and Alex. We ate and Alex was talking to me about something while I was at the computer. Then, quite I just figured he had feel asleep since he was up before 7am and feeling bad. I got up maybe 15-20 minutes to see him and he wasn't in the living room. Ok checked my room, his room, Eian's room, Nothing! Bathroom & Kitchen Nothing. Back door was looked front door is blocked by my computer. Checked outside Nothing! Mama starts to worry. Recheck 3 more times. Mama Panics! I called for him loud and louder, Nothing. Mama is really panicing now! I called my mom at work. She's on her way here. Panic Panic Panic. By now I've yelled for him so much Eian's awake and crying. Nothing. My mom and sis get here and start looking out side. Neighbors start looking. this is all going by so fast and so slow at the same time. I call 911. Cops on their way. I'm hysterical by now. My mom comes in again and checks the house just happens to move pillow on the couch. What does she find.

SLEEPING ALEX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He had wedged himself in the couch and covered up with the blanket we cover the couch with and covered his head with the pillow and never would have though to look under the pillow. It looked so plain and flat like he'd just got off the couch and disappeared.

He slept through it all. my whole family showed up to look for him just as he was found. My still kicking myself for loosing him. My nerves are shot. He thought it was funny when he woke up to it all and my mom told him that even the cops came to find him , he asked her if they found him. lol. Needless to say I've been a mess all day long. and I'm ordering the boys id bracelets.

This April Rose stuff took my attention away from something very important. My head has just been spinning around the April Rose stuff since Sunday night. But not anymore. I have way better things to think about than that. So no more Mama Drama.

My babies are safe and Joe's getting a good laugh picking on me about loosing Alex. So all is back to "NORMAL" in our house.

****NOTE TO SELF: Lock deadbolts all the time, check quiet kids, and Thank God for every second I have with them.

Good night Blog land.


ABandCsMom said...

Oh boy, I'm happy to read that you found him. I was a little nervous while reading your post.

datri said...

Wow, scary, even if it is in your own house. We have an alarm system that chimes anytime a door or window is opened. Thankfully, Kayla hasn't shown any interest in escaping yet!