Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Great Day So Far

*****Edit to Say***** I'll be so glad when Alex goes back to school he's driving me insane today come on Sept.

We had speech therapy this morning and it was with a new therapist E's ST Ms. A has taken a leave and a new therapist coming in took over her clients til she's back. I was worried about E going back alone with a new one since he still doesn't do great going back with OT Mrs. C and he's been with her since he was 2 months old. But he went right to Mrs. D and did great went she brought him out and handed him to me he reached back out for her and went back to her and laid his head on her shoulder. So a much as we like Ms. A if he continues to do like this with Mrs. D we may stay with her. Hope you followed all that lol.

Anyways Joel woke up this morning not feeling to good so he's still in bed. I left sleeping Alex here with him while me and E went to therapy. Was alot more peaceful lol. I stopped and got my once a week Starbucks fix. It's my mommy treat and of course Eian helped me drink my Mocha Frappacino. He got mad when I took it from him lol. I've been busy working on getting my graphic blog up and running and heading things up for Jaxson's fundraiser. I'm about to order his car magnets. His mom Lacey has been so great to work with. I wish I was closer to Mr. Jax. I'd be loving on him atleast once a day. lol.

Later this week I'll be setting up a second fundraiser for Mr. Phoenix. I also have some other cuties I'm working on setting up fundraisers for .

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Anonymous said...

Added your button this morning!

MaggieMae said...

Totally followed your therapy twists and turns. We ended up switching OTs b/c ours went out on maternity and the boys did better with the replacement. Weird to actually have to say you want to switch... like firing someone. I felt bad but... the boys' needs come first!